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Stars & Controversies – F’day Spl. Article by Naveen

Since they are hugely popular, even a single word uttered by our film personalities or a single scene in their movies is enough to create controversies, protests and counter-attacks.

The latest addition to this list is Jyothika, whose remarks on Thanjavur Big temple (Lord Brahadeeswara temple) at a recent award ceremony have not gone down well with Tamil and Hindu organisations. This week, as part of its weekly special articles series, takes a look at controversies involving Tamil film celebrities.


Superstar Rajinikanth, speaking at an event earlier this year, made a remark on  ‘Periyar’ EV Ramasamy. He stirred a controversy when he alleged that undressed images of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita were taken out in a rally as part of a superstition-eradication programme orchestrated by Periyar in 1971.

The Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam (DVK) and a few other outfits demanded an unconditional apology from Rajinikanth, alleging that the actor had uttered a “blatant lie” to besmirch Periyar’s reputation. The party organised a protest too.

However, Rajinikanth refused to apologise to protesters who were up in arms over his controversial remark. Rajinikanth came out of his residence with copies of news publications and to back his claim and said “I will not apologise”.

“There is a debate on an issue I spoke on and which happened in 1971. I didn’t make up what I said. People are saying I made it up but I didn’t. Sorry, I won’t apologise,” he said in his typical style.


Be it love life, cinema career or public life, Kamal Haasan has witnessed many controversies. While Dr Krishnasamy’s outfit opposed his film ‘Sandiyar’, following which the title was changed as ‘Virumandi’, doctors opposed ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’, and ‘MBBS’ was dropped subsequently.

But, the big protest was stirred by ‘Vishwaroopam’, after Muslim outfits alleged that the film hurt their sentiments. At one point of time, Kamal event went to the extent of saying that he would leave the country if the situation continued.

Even after entering politics and floating Makkal Needhi Maiam, Kamal Haasan has been busy with controversies, with the latest being the mishap on the sets of ‘Indian 2’ and the police action that followed.


Simbu aka STR is a favourite child of controversy. Late in 2015, the police registered a case against actor Simbu and Anirudh for indecent representation of women in their infamous Beep song.

While Anirudh denied composing the song, Simbu, who was seen in the video seemingly mouthing expletives that are beeped out, claimed that the song was meant for his private consumption. The video, he claimed, was leaked.

The lyrics objectionably describing a woman’s private parts caused widespread outrage. While women organisation staged protest, a court ordered Simbu and Anirudh to appear before it. The issue was later settled amicably.


It all started when a magazine conducted a survey on the sexual habits of people residing in the bigger cities of India. Premarital sex was one of the issues discussed. Khushbu opined on the issue, saying that the incidence of premarital sex was an increasing phenomenon:

“According to me, sex is not only concerned with the body, but also concerned with the conscious . . . Our society should come out of the thinking that at the time of the marriage, the girls should be with virginity . . . But when having sexual relationship the girl should protect themselves from conceiving and getting venereal diseases,” she reportedly said.

Following this, several protests and cases were filed against her. The Supreme then quashed 22 criminal cases filed against her. A bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices Deepak Verma and B S Chauhan allowed the appeal filed by the actress against the decision of the Madras High Court which had dismissed her plea to quash the cases.

By Naveen


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