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#Covid-19#Thanks to our essential services. Corona Spl. Article by Vasan. suri

Thanking Essential Services

We have completed one month Lockdown and time to thank our team of essential services.

The lockdown started from the 26th March and with 24th April completes the one month cycle.

We all should thank the invisible God & Nature for keeping us alive and kicking.

Next, are these living Gods. Our Covid Warriors) The Doctors, Nurses, Health Care workers, Police, & Media.

We should also thank the State and Central Government who have done their best in taking care of everything during such a crisis, which never had any precedent.

Over and above all of these people, I would like to thank, the self-motivated and selfless film fans association, Lions Club, Rotary Club and innumerable local associations who took great part in helping the poor and underprivileged people by regularly providing them food and also rice, fruits and vegetables.

Some have made it a practice to provide them everyday food for all these days. Really commendable. Unsung heroes of our society.

Having thought of everyone, let us not forget our local heroes during this time of National Crisis.

The Grocery stores, Fruit Vendor, Vegetable Vendor, Door Delivery boys, Garbage collectors, Gas Service, Milk Supplies, News Paper wala, Cable Service and above all the Water Services (including suppliers of water can) Electricity Department.

Government announced the lockdown keeping in the mind the safety and well being of the Citizens. They took care of the major areas of Health, Safety & Security of all of us.

But, these were the people mentioned above made our lives comfortable during the lockdown.

They never feared to open up their shops. They were opening up their shops knowing well that, one corona infected person coming in shall affect them. Their life and lives of their family will be in danger.

Unmindful of the risk, they committed themselves to serve all of us and the humanity during such a crisis.

Imagine our lives, staying at home without groceries, fruits, vegetables, clearing of our garbage, Gas Cylinders, without cable connections, without water supply, or without electricity.

It has been the selfless service rendered by all these people which made our lives comfortable the last 30 days or one month.

No words can supplement the sacrifices they have done. In the next ten days, when the lockdown is lifted, we may all be running around with our own problems and might forget these people who supported us all through this period of lockdown.

Let us all convey our heartfelt thanks to all of them and pray for them and their family who indirectly helped the cause.

“Nandri Solla unakku, Vaarthai illai Enakku, Adhanal Vanaguren”

By Vasan. Suri

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