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Divya Malik brings back discipline

In line with the recent ongoing Covid-19 lockdown, it is an ideal time to bring the discipline back in our lives, practice the art of trusting oneself and supporting the government by staying home, believes actress Divya Malik.

Divya Malik took a huge step for the masses with #Aapnethankyoubolakya and #Salutechallenge. She brought in a very positive thought to encourage people by staying at home and admiring the efforts of the heroes of Covid-19.

Recently the actress shared a 32-second video on her Instagram, saluting all our battlers, doctors, nurses, police, CISF, and cleaners who have been working inhuman hours, in conditions of extreme risk. Actress Divya Malik was last seen in Star Plus serial “Krishna Chali London” as “Laliya” and also nominated the cast of “Krishna Chali London” to spread the message.

She says “We are facing a pandemic threat that is sweeping across humanity beyond oceans and borders. It’s time we step up against this deadly disease for the sake of lives and mankind. Let us all pledge to beat #Covid19 and also appreciate the brave hearts who are leading the battlefield against COVID-19.  Salute and Thankyou to those who are risking their lives by providing essential services. We should also not forget the doctors who are coming to our areas for check-ups, Pray and support the COVID-19 fighters on duty as they are working for us, just to keep us safe!”


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