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#Covid-19# fresh air reduces risk# stay healthy. – Corona Spl.Article by Vasan. Suri

Toho University of Japan have done a detailed study on the Corona Virus and were of the opinion that, the droplets emitted during sneeze and cough by the Corona affected person, gets in to other person near you and the virus affects the other person.

They have used some very powerful camera to find out the behaviour of the droplets which are in micrometer size and which cannot be visible to naked eye or any normal lens.
One micrometer is 100th if millimetre they claim and they say that such droplets stays for long in the air conditioned not ventilating rooms and maintain that, natural breeze and fresh air movements with cross ventilation clears out such droplets.

Now, you can be convinced why all big establishments with IT having more than 300 people in one room decided for work from home.

Secondly, if you cover your nose by hand during sneezing or cough, that could remain in the hand and spread while hand shaking. Again, another point of doing namaste is found to be safe at all times.

This has been our culture to have cross ventilation in our houses and office construction. Unfortunately, we all have forgotten all our basic strength and culture and moved western and now, Japanese are coming and saying this and all will follow.

Only mistake made by our ancestors is that, they could have explained more in detail of our education system could have incorporated this.

Never too late to go back to our basics. 🙏

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