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“Pillaiyum Killi Vittu, Thottilaiyum Attunga” – Carona Spl. Article by Vasan. Suri.

“I will first hit you badly and send the balm also”

Chinese companies offering face masks. Strange. See the way they promote their products very actively when we are all crippled.

I remember my friends from South Korea and Thailand and Bangladesh asking in millions such masks one month ago from India as China was busy preparing their factories.

On 7th February, getting request from my korean friend for face mask.

The above is Korea request

On 26th February, getting request for mask from my Bangladeshi friend

Most of Calcutta Manufacturers and suppliers are selling India Rupees = 0.50 paisa to 2.00 Rupees per pc.
we have buyer.They wants import 5 to 10 Million pcs immediately.
pls.confirm Dada .top urgent.
we open L/C to your company.
it should be made by 3M.
Need officials specifications.
3 ply mask reach -CE. Standard level-2.
Need certificate.
Can you please provide.
pls.talk with suppliers and confirm dada.
This is buyer requirements.pls.confirm.pls.confirm.
tks and rgds
Abdul Matin.


This black color is N-95.Face mask.
This price should be 8 to 9 indian rupees.pls.check and confirm.
tks and rgds
Abdul Matin

This one is from Bangladesh

“Quote” mail from China

Hi Vasan
Hope my email finds that you and your family fine!

Understand that the virus is spreading very fast all over the world.

Is the face mask supply is sufficient in your country?
If not, maybe you can consider importing some from China to help people?
Or if u need small quantity for your own use, we can also help to send you.

In China, government required people to wear mask, as it is the key way to avoid getting infected.Right now, we are still wearing mask everyday even the virus got controlled now.

Previously, situation in China is quite serious, mask supply is far away from satisfaction, government encourage factories to produce mask.
So, our boss had invested immediately to produce masks including disposable surgincal masks and KN95 masks.We have CE and FDA certification.
We are happy to be your partner if you have any demand.

Feel free to let me know if any questions.

Take care, my friend.


Chinese Supplier 

By Vasan.Suri






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