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Naan Sirithal Movie Review by Naveen


Naan Sirithal

–  Review

When Rana made the short film ‘Kekka Bekka’, it impressed us all, for it presented a novel idea in a brilliant manner. However, when it is made in to a film- ‘Naan Sirithal’- it impresses us only in parts.

Though the basic idea and choice of actors is good, there seems to be some problem in the narration. Though the director has utilised some opportunities well, he has missed some as well.

Gandhi, who works in an IT company, is a happy go lucky guy, he however suffers from a rare disorder called Pseudobulbar affect, which makes him to laugh uncontrollably whenever he is nervous, sad or angry.

He also has a romantic track in life, in the form of Ankita (Ishwarya Menon). One day, he goes out in search of his missing friend Dilli (Yogi Babu).

However, he lands in a wrong car and reaches the birthday party of a gangster, whose name too is Dilli (K S Ravikumar). Dilli has a running fued with another gangster Sakkarai (Ravi Marya).

Sakkarai sends henchmen (Munishkanth and Sha Raa) to the birthday party to bump off Dilli, but he mistakes Gandhi and holds him as scape goat. When Dilli is about to kill Gandhi, the latter laughs uncontrollably irking the former.

The rest is all about whether Gandhi is able to escape from the clutches of Dilli or not, joined hands with his love interest and found his missing friend Dilli.

Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi is showing improvement in every film of him and this one too is no exception. Ishwarya Menon has filled the glamour quotient well. Yogi Babu adds value, while the likes K S Ravikumar, Ravi Mariya, Munishkanth, Sha Raa, Julie and Badava Gopi are adequate.

Music is good, while cinematography is colourful. Some scenes trigger laughter, while some other scenes evoke smile. A few other just make us to sit calm. Overall, an okayish entertainer.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen


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