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Sakshi agarwal interview

The things you learn in the film?
I learned patience and persistence.

When the house was pikpas did you miss?
I did miss a lot of physical labor-based games.

Will politics?
I do not know about politics. There is the intention.

Your favorite hero?
Thala, Thala, Thala,

Love Experience?
I have been waiting for.

Sakshi What do you like?
Household food and cinema

Cinema and wanted to go away?

After pikpas?
There is a close connection with the people.

Pikpas received friends at home?
Cheran Anna, Cheryl’s

Rajini, Ajith signed with the shooting? Always with Vijay?
I expect you to act as quickly as possible

Favorite director?
Karthik Subburaj and Mani sir

Favorite movies?
Goddess, Bombay, rose

Want to say to the fans?
I got too much love. I am very grateful for this. Sure to please them.

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