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Trisha talks about love

Even more than a year after the release of ’96’, Trisha’s performance in the movie as Jaanu is still fresh in the hearts of the audience. She has been receiving honours from various quarters, with the recent being Filmfare award.

Trisha, who posted a picture with all the awards she had bagged for the movie, said, “The love I have received for Jaanu is overwhelming and very unexpected. Yes, I knew it is a good role and I have felt that way about many of my films.

But I did not know that the character would be this well received. I knew the film would do well and people will relate to Ram and Janu, But I didn’t know a simple yellow kurta will go viral. We had a look freeze.. and when I saw I was like ‘is that it? ‘

It was so simple. But the simple thing worked. I don’t know as yet being an actor what it is that makes a character connects so much. And that is why I think certain characters are magic. I think Jaanu is one of those after Jessie, where people could relate to it.

I think love is an easy genre to reach people because there is not one person who cannot relate to it. I don’t have a school love story or a college love story, but there is something in the film that touched me. That’s when I knew it would worked with everybody.”


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