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Kaalidas Movie Review by Naveen

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Actor Bharath of ‘Boys’ and ‘Kaadhal’ fame had been waiting for a perfect break for a long time, after a string of flops. Thankfully, ‘Kaalidas’ directed by Sri Senthil provides it to him.

The film, which features Bharath in the title role of a policeman, is a skillfully written murder mystery that is gripping from the start to end. And, what more? It runs for a little more than 2 hours, making things even more crisp.

Kaalidas (Bharath) is a honest police officer who is there to help the needy. However, he is facing domestic issues, as his wife Vidya (Ann Sheetal) is disappointed that he is unable to spend time with her due to his hectic work nature.

One day, he receives information about a girl falling to death from a building. Though Kalidas and his team initially believe that it was a suicide, a series of similar deaths take place in the town.

Following this, Kaalidas and his senior (Suresh Menon) arrive at a conclusion that someone is behind these mysterious deaths and start investigation.

As Kaalidas inches towards the culprit, the issues in his home snowball into a big problem. Is he able to successfully handle both?

Bharath is back and if he chooses the right script, he is here to stay. The actor has done complete justice to his role. Sheetal fits the role well and steals the show. Suresh Menon delivers seasoned performance.

Vishal Chandrasekar’s music and Bhuvan’s editing add the much needed pep to the proceedings. Though the production values are not up to the mark, Sri Senthil matches them up with racy narration.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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