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Jada Movie Review by Naveen

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Kathir, who was recently seen playing a football player in Vijay’s Deepavali release ‘Bigil’, once again does the role, this time as protagonist, in ‘Jada’.

Directed by A Kumaran, the film speaks about underdogs emerging victorious in football tournament. But the twist here is- ther are some spooky elements which is both the advantage and disadvantage of the movie.

Jada (Kathir) and his friends are football players. There are two notorious groups which organise local football matches sans any rules or ethics.

When they plan to hold one such tournament despite a stern warning from the police, Jada tells his coach that he wants to take part in the match.

However, the coach denies permission. But Jada convinces him saying that he would win the tournament without any injury to him and his team.

They go to a village to play the football match where they face a series of unexpected and shocking incidents. Are they able to bring home the trophy?

Kathir has done the homework right and does justice. Roshini Prakash could have been given more importance in the script. Yogi Babu is also there in ‘Jada’.

The director is ably aided by music and cinematography departments. Cast too is good. But the only lag is the one in the narration, which pulls the movie down from keeping us engaged and entertained fully.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

By Naveen


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