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Chinmayi’s clarification on her pictures with Nithyananda

Singer-dubbing artiste Chinmayi Sripadha, who spearheaded the #MeToo movement that saw shocking sexual charges against popular film personalities, was shocked to see a few pictures on the social media, which featured her with controversial godman Swami Nithyananda.

While stating them as fake pictures, Chinmayi has also responded to a user who sought her comment on the issue where a parent alleged that their daughters were illegally confined in the ashram of Nithyananda.

She said, “I can do nothing in my individual capaci ty. People should have common sense to not go and flock to these swami cult people who brainwash them, despite repeated evidence on how dangerous these cults / groups are. Such religious figures prey on the weak minded.

There have been multiple women who have come out to expose this man who says he is a Swami / God, whatever, but where is the common sense? More people flock to him from all this publicity and nothing happens to him legally because he knows powerful people, I guess. I believe in God, (more as a higher power and I am trying to elevate myself spiritually) and not in Godmen. I find them problematic. But what to say when people make Gods out of mere, problematic men. (Man/Men as in the default human).”

On her ‘morphed’ pictures, she said, “I dont why these fans are doing this all over again after I have established that this photo is fake. Are they doing this for free or is this paid?”


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