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So, while Atlee made a cop story when he joined hands for the first time with Vijay in ‘Theri’ and came up with a triple action commercial entertainer in ‘Mersal’, he has tried something different in ‘Bigil’, his third outing with the ‘Thalapathy’.

Without compromsing on the hero’s image and mass elements, the film explores the actor in Vijay . It also speaks about various other aspects and throws light on women empowerment.

The story is simple. It is a typical underdog drama- Underdogs are those touted to fail, but ones that succeed ultimately. But the way it has been treated is a complete delight to Vijay fans.

Rayappan (Vijay) is a don with a golden heart. He lives in a downtrodden locality and wants people in the area to come up in life with the help of sports. And he hopes that his ambition would be fulfilled by his son Bigil aka Michael (Vijay).

Bigil is a talented football player who is admired by one and all. But, a big tragedy results in Bigil ending up becoming a don much like his dad.

In the meantime, there is a women’s football team and it is coached by Michael’s friend Kathir (Kathir). The team is comprised of girls from mutliple backgrounds and they are filled with passion to achieve big.

However, some influential forces play spoilsport in their ambitions and Kathir gets grievously injured before a crucial match. The dreams of the team are about to shatter.

But all hopes are not lost, as Michael once again becomes Bigil and starts training the team. How he makes them win against all odds is the rest of the story.

Vijay delivers triple Deepavali dhamaka to his fans, as he shines bright in three shades- Michael, Rayappan and Bigil. His performance of Rayappan is something which we have not expected from the actor. Henceforth, Vijay should focus on his acting side too.

Nayanthara is typical heroine who supports the hero in his endeavours. Indhuja, Indraja, Reba, Varsha and other members of the women football team are a delight to watch.

Kathir has performed well within the limited scope, while Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff are templated villains. The film is grand from the word go and kudos to AGS Entertainment by trusting the vision of Atlee and the star power of Vijay.

Music maestro A R Rahman has scored well in background, while his songs too are good. G K Vishnu’s cinematography gives us the feel of watching a football match live, while art director Muthuraj has infused soul into the scenes with his grand work.

Having said that, the film has its own pitfalls too. Inspirations of various movies can be seen throughout ‘Bigil’. The length is a major problem, as the movie runs for nearly three hours, exhausting the audience. First half is another disadvantage.

But all these hiccups are overcome by the emotions packed by Atlee in the second half and a fire-brand performance of Vijay. ‘Bigil’ will be thoroughly enjoyed by Vijay fans.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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