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Karthi’s ‘Kaithi’ producer slams Vijay fans

As Vijay’s ‘Bigil’ and Karthi-starrer ‘Kaithi’ are getting ready for a clash in box-office ahead of Deepavali, an online war is brewing among the fans. Meanwhile, S R Prabhu, the producer of ‘Kaithi’, has given a strong reply to those who are trolling him and his film on the social media.

When a fan wanted to know why Prabhu has been degrading Vijay in his movies (there was an dialogue in ‘Aruvi’, trolling the choice of Vijay films), Prabhu said: “That’s a stupidest thought many fans buy it. I can’t explain each one of them! We make films and we stand by it! That’s all.”

Another fan said this: “”I very well know you have nothing against Thalapathy Vijay but incorporating such advertising is not healthy brother. Let both the films do well. Promoting your movie by degrading us only spreads negativity bro. Spread positivity. The world needs more of it these days.”

To this, Prabhu said, “Fans find their own troll materials to fight! We can’t help. I want all films to do well in the box office. But I don’t give a f*** to the faceless people comes up with their stupid attitude thinking they can make a change with abusive posts!”

And when a fan urged him to maintain decorum and not to use words like ‘F***’, the producer replied: “Never knew it was patented to fans alone”.


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