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Bow Bow  Movie Review by Naveen

Pet, set, go

Bow Bow 

– Review

Lately, there are a bunch of films in Tamil cinema revolving around dogs. However, unlike other movies where dogs are made to perform stunts, ‘Bow Bow’ is a film where the dog actually performs.

While watching the movie dircted by debutant filmmaker Pradeep Kilkar, we can sense the emotions of the dog in every frame without any extra detailing.

A 5-year-old boy (Master Aahaan) showers all love on his Labrador dog, but is slightly worried that his pet is lethargic in nature.

He tries various methods and provides training to the dog to make it an enthusiastic and energetic animal. One day, he loses the dog while trying to save a couple of people from a critical situation.

Following this, the boy becomes depressed and starts searching for the pet. The rest is all about whether he is able to come out of depression and reunite with his dog.

The positive aspects of the film are the boy Ahaan and the way a couple of dogs perform. Music by Marc B Muse and Denis Vallaban, and cinematography by Arun Prasad are the other highlights.

‘Bow Bow’, which has won awards at various international film festivals, is about the relationship between a child and his dog. Though the film lacks required depth at places, it will be liked by school children and all others who love pets.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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