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Petromax Movie Review by Naveen

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This is the season of eerie comedies in Tamil cinema and joining the list is ‘Petromax’ helmed by Rohin Venkatesan. Starring Tamannah and a bunch of comedians in key roles, the flick succeeds to an extent in evoking laughter.

A remake of the Telugu film ‘Anando Brahma’, the film follows the template of spirits occupying an old house and giving sleepless moments to its inmates. Let’s see more about the movie.

An NRI (Prem) returns to Tamil Nadu from Malaysia after he comes to know that his parents have passed away. His family has a house in their native and he plans it to sell it.

As he is in urgent need to sell the property off since he needs to return to Malaysia within a week, some prospective people show interest to acquire the house.

However, all of them back after they receive an information that the house is posessed by spirits. Following this, the NRI ropes in four different persons who are in dire need for money and asks them to stay in the building for a few days.

While he believes this will prove to the outside world that the house is safe to live, it leads to a fresh set of problems.

Tamannah, who has experience acting in horror thrillers thanks to ‘Devi’, has excelled well. She is ably supported by Yogi Babu, Munishkanth, Sathyan, Kaali Venkat and TSK.

With cinematography and music coming to the help of Rohin Venkatesan, the director manages to present a decent show despite letdowns like lack of emotional connect and some illogical scenes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen

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