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Siddharth, after trying his hands at horror in ‘Aranmanai 2’ and ‘Aval’, is back to ghost genre in ‘Aruvam’, directed by Sai Shekar.

The film, which has Catherine Tresa of ‘Madras’ fame as the heroine, revolves around a young man and woman who take revenge on people who played spoilsort in their lives.

Jothi (Catherine Tresa) is a golden hearted woman who is not ready to do harm even to ants, that too by mistake. She is a good samaritan and lets free a parrot from an astrologer and buries the body of a dead dog despite the overpowering stench.

Jagan (Siddharth), an orphan and a honest young man, watches her from distance, gets totally impressed and falls in love for her. He even expresses his feelings to her.

However, Jothi turns him down due to a peculiar reason. In the meantime, a bunch of corrupted men enter the life of Jagan and an unexpected thing happens.

The rest is all about whether Jagan is able to take revenge for the harm they did to him and what way he adopted to do it.

Siddharth shines bright in a script which fails to impress us in most parts. Catherine Tresa’s emotions are not adequate in some of the important scenes.

Technical and other departments are average in Aruvam, just like its script. Had the director infused more pace, things could have been far better. But this dull revenge drama has its own moments, like a few scenes in both pre and post interval sessions.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

By Naveen

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