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Devil is in the destiny


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The combo of actor Dhanush and director Vetrimaaran has always weaved a magic on screen. What started in ‘Polladhavan’ escalated in ‘Aadukalam’ and reached a new height in ‘Vada Chennai’.

And, their fourth venture ‘Asuran’, which has just hit the screens, is a deadly delight from the duo, and we call it so with a reason. The film, which provides an inside and insightful view of happenings in southern Tamil Nadu from the 1960s to the 1980s, does it with a lot of bloodshed.

The film starts on a mild note before taking a wild turn. It introduces us to the family of Sivasami (Dhanush), a middle-aged small farmer, who leads a content life with his wife Pachaiyamma (Manju Warrier), sons Murugan (Teejay) and Chidambaram (Ken) and a 5-year-old daughter.

When Murugan is about to enter wedlock, the family develops enmity with Narasimhan (Aadukalam Naren), a rich landlord from the upper caste and his sons.

As Narasimhans want to build a cement factory, they plan to grab the three-acre farm land of Sivasamis. The enmity between the two families grows, and Narasimhan bumps off hot-headed Murugan.

This is followed by the murder of Narasimhan, who gets killed by Chidambaram to take revenge for his brother’s death. Starts a bloody hunt by the relatives of Narasimhan, who want to kill Chidambaram.

But Sivasami and his family members including Pachaiyamma and brother-in-law Murugesan (Pasupathi) are ready to go to any extent to save Chidambaram.

Wow, what an actor Dhanush is. He has transformed himself into the middle-aged Sivasami and gets even the minute emotion right. Manju Warrier gives tough competition to Dhanush in terms of performance.

From Naren to Pasupathi to Teejay to Ken to even a junior artiste, everyone has presented remarkable performance. Kudos go to director Vetrimaaran, for extracting the best from everyone and for beautifully translating Poomani’s novel Vekkai into film language.

After a long gap, the old G V Prakash Kumar is back to form as music composer in Asuran. Visuals by Velraj is another biggest highlight as each and every frame is picture-perfect.

With a lot of plus points, the film however glorifies violence and there are a lot of gory scenes, which may not appeal to those who come to cinema hall with entire family. Having said that, there is no denial that ‘Asuran’ is a world class film with raw and real emotions.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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