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I will marry him when I want to have babies: Taapsee

Known for making bold statements, Taapsee Pannu has revealed that she is in a relationship, and has also dropped hints about the special man in her life.

In an interview, she said those who are genuinely interested in her life and not to get a scoop from it knows about her relationship.

She further said that the person she is dating is not from the film industry or even a cricketer. She also added that he is not from here around.

Taapsee’s sister Shagun, who was also present at the interview, stated that she was the one who became the matchmaker. She said that she has no idea where Taapsee finds these weird guys and they all are ugly.

Stating that she has kissed a lot of frogs before meeting her prince, Taapsee said she will get married only when she wants to have babies.




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