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Poorna tenders apology to director

Poorna is not just popular in Kollywood, but equally well-known in Tollywood and Mollywood too. She is making a comeback in Tamil cinema with a film titled ‘Blue Whale’ and she has apologised to the movie’s director and cinematographer.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know what Blue Whale was. I wondered why they were making a film in Tamil with an English title. Then, my akka, told me, ‘It’s a game and if they’re making a film based on that, there should definitely be something great about it,” she said.

Poorna further said, “Still I wasn’t convinced because the entire team was new. Anyhow, I read about Blue Whale, listened to the script and went for the first day of shooting. But I was little upset after the first day of the shoot. That’s the truth.

Because I expected so many people, so much of lighting and all that. But it wasn’t like that. So, on the second day, I refused to go for shooting till afternoon. Then, the producer of the film interfered in the matter. Later, director sir met me and even spoke to the cameraman sir about my concerns.”

She added: “After that we became like a family. Today, I should say sorry to them. Because only after watching the trailer that I realised how a good film can be made even on a small budget. Blue Whale is a proof for that. When I watched the trailer, I felt ashamed thinking why I did that after the first-day shoot.”


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