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Zombie movie Review by Naveen

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‘Zombie’, directed by Bhuvan R Nallan, created decent expectations before its release, for it featured an interesting concept and a handful of popular faces, especially Yogi Babu and Yashika Anand.

But the end product is disappointing. Hardly we were able to laugh while watching the movie, which was labelled as an out and out comedy entertainer.

The story goes like this:
Four men (Gopi, Sudhakar, Anbu and T M Karthik), who suffer from different domestic problems, decide to have fun in a resort on East Coast Road.

Another man (Bijili Ramesh) joins them. A medical student (Yashika Anand) along with her friends too stays in the same resort.

Dishes made out of dead chicken were served as dinner to the guests at the resort. But Gopi, Sudhakar, Ramesh, Karthik, Anbu and Yashika don’t eat those dishes.

Those who consumed the food become zombies and they start hunting for people. At this time, a rowdy (Yogi Babu) and a cop (John Vijay) who wants to encounter him enter the resort. What happens next is the rest of Zombie.

Services of Yogi Babu and other actors have not been utilised. Scenes which are intended at triggering laughter don’t even evoke smile. Music of Premgi and cinematography by Vishnu Sri are good. Bhuvan R Nallan has wasted a good opportunity.

Rating: 2 out of 5

By Naveen


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