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Director Santhakumar, just like his name, is a silent man who allows his work to do all the talking. And his maiden film was aptly titled ‘Mounaguru’.

After a long gap of eight years, the filmmaker is back with a new offering- ‘Magamuni’. Starring Arya in a dual role, it is a gripping tale that narrates an intense story and also deal with socio-political issues.

Magadevan (Arya) is a taxi driver. But he has got more to his character. He also works for a local politician (Ilavarasu) and helps him execute murders.

Kin of one of the men whose murder was plotted by Magadevan vow to take revenge on him and Magadevan now has to safeguard his life from them.

There is also Muniraj (Arya, again), an intelligent but innocent, who lives in Erode district. Hailing from a so-called lower caste, he is inspired by Swami Vivekananda and follows brahmacharya.

He becomes friends with Deepa (Mahima Nambiyar), daughter of a local bigwig who is from a so-called upper caste. As Deepa gets inspired by the knowledge of Muniraj, her father mistakes it for love.

Hence, he plots to bump off Muni. The lives of Magadevan and Muniraj intersect at a point of time. How are they related? Are they able to protect themselves or not?

Arya is solid in both the characters and this actor should be given with more meaty roles. He is no more a chocolate boy. Indhuja and Mahima Nambiar have delivered good performance and their characters have been written well.

Jayaprakash, Ilavarasu and other members of the cast have done complete justice to their respective roles. Music by Thaman elevates the mood of the movie, while camera work by Arul Padmanabhan is another highlight.

There are more pros than cons in ‘Magamuni’, which is a rare film. If the film is trimmed and some scenes are shortened, it would give even more intense experience to the audience.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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