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Right from ‘Chennai 28’, Vaibhav Reddy has proved that he is good at comedy, while his top form in humour was seen in films such as ‘Kappal’ and ‘Meyadha Maan’. Adding more to this is ‘Sixer’.

The film, directed by Chachi, is apparently a take off of an imagination that how would it be if Cook Kandasamy, the character made memorable by Goundamani in ‘Chinna Thambi’, lives in the present era.

To justify, the director has made the lead character, Aadhi, played by Vaibhav, the grandson of Cook Kandasamy. A civil engineer, Aadhi leads a happy life with his parents (Ilavarasu and Sri Ranjani) and close friend (Sathish). His only worry is- he suffers from nyctalopia (night blindness).

As he is unable to see anything after 6 pm, he makes sure that he reaches home before that (we are shown that Cook Kandasamy, the legendary character played by Goundamani in Chinna Thambi, is his grandfather).

One day, when he is on the way to home in the evening, his two-wheeler develops trouble and he calls his friend for help. However, before helps reaches him, the place gets filled with protesters who are staging an agitation against a goon-turned-politician (RNR Manohar).

A TV reporter Krithika (Pallak Lalwani) mistakes Aadhi for the leader of the protesters and highlights him. This earns him the wrath of the evil politician.

In the meantime, while Krithika falls for Aadhi, the politico goes after his life. How Aadhi manages both of them by hiding his illness is what Sixer is all about.

Vaibhav is in his full form and scores ‘sixer’ in many scenes. Sathish provides solid support to Vaibhav and the script. The heroine Pallak Lalwani needs to improve her lip sync if she is serious about making a career in Kollywood. Rest of the members of the cast are adequate.

While the script provides ample scope for full-length comedy, the director has made use of many opportunities. At the same time, he has left out some good chances. Music by Ghibran is good, while cinematography is okay. Editing could have been sharper.

‘Sixer’ is one more comedy outing from Vaibhav and he has utilised the opportunity well. It is a fun-filled film with many pluses and some minuses.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen

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