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Happy birthday, Madras !

Today (August 23), is the birthday of Madras (now Chennai). As the city has turned 380, various events have been organised across the metropolis to mark the special day.

It was 380 years ago that the British East India Company purchased Madrasapattinam from an Indian. A sleepy hamlet that the British set their sights upon is now a bustling metropolis.

The social media is full of greeting messages, wishing Chennai a very happy birthday.  Suresh Raina posted: “Happy birthday, my Madras – a city that has given me so much love and happiness through its culture, people and places. May you shine brighter & stay blessed! #MadrasDay 😎👍 pic.twitter.com/B04q9lzj69.”

Sumanth Raman said: “Today is Madras Day. Our city is at least 380 years old. Let us celebrate our Madras that is Chennai.”

Priya Kathiravan said, “The city that adopts the outsiders as one of her own, the city that sticks to her cultural roots no matter what, the city that isn’t perfect yet so beautiful, my hometown forever #MadrasDay.”

Another Twitter user posted: “Ashtalakshmi Temple near Elliot’s Beach in Beasant Nagar, is one of Chennai’s more well known temples. Constructed by Chandrashekara Saraswati of Kanchi Matha, was opened in 1976. It has 8 forms of Lakshmi in 2 floors, as well as Dashavataram #MadrasDay.”

The first recorded celebration of the founding of Madras was its tercentenary commemoration in 1939. Unlike later anniversaries, the celebrations were officially sponsored by the British government and a special tercentenary commemoration volume was issued with essays on the different aspects of Madras city authored by leading experts of the time.


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