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Bakrid – Review by Naveen

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Human beings have a lot to learn from anmials, from love to loyalty to compassion and more. This is the message that ‘Bakrid’, directed by Jagadeesan Subbu, tries to convey.

The film, as you would have figured out by this time, is the latest addition to the list of movies from young filmmakers who speak about life, people and their dimensions in their flicks.

But, the change in ‘Bakrid’ is that, the director has taken the help of an animal, that too, camel, which has played a key role for the first time in the history of Tamil cinema.

The story revolves around Ratnam (Vikranth), a farmer who lives with his wife Geetha (Vasundhara) and daughter (Shrutika). He is desperate to borrow money to do farming, but faces difficulties.

Following the advice of a friend of him (Dinesh Prabhakar), Ratnam gets money, and a baby camel along with it, from a moneylender who is getting ready for Bakrid celebrations.

Ratnam and his family spend almost a year with the camel named Sara, till the animal develops health issues due to the climate conditions in this part of the country.

A doctor asks Ratnam to leave Sara in a desert, which will be suitable for the animal. Following this, Ratnam and his friend, along with Sara, starts a journey to Rajasthan to leave the camel there.

The rest is all about the difficulties they face in their trip, from a bunch of cow vigilantes, police personnel and petty thieves.

For Vikranth, this is a character of lifetime and he has done full justice. Vasundhara and other key players, especially the camel, have done impressive job.

While D Imman’s music is soothing and touching, Jagadeesan Subbu, who has also handled the cinematography besides the megaphone, has brought beautiful visuals alive on screen.

Though the film is not preachy in most parts, the director could have avoided the melodramatic scenes. But ‘Bakrid’ wins in his mission to convey message to audience in a manner that would touch the hearts.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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