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Shocking complaints against Meera Mithun

Meera Mithun, known for controversies and complaints, is now facing more. While her former assistant Venkat has released a video statement, accusing her of not paying the team, one Joe Michael Praveen has said that Meera even wanted to kill him.

Joe said in a video interview, “As soon as Meera came out of the house, she had told her manager that she wanted to kill me. I have a recorded telephonic conversation in which she says, ‘What has Joe Michael done on YouTube? He needs to be killed?’” 

“When Meera and her mother approached the police before the show, we both had signed a statement that we won’t be talking ill about the other until Meera gets out of the Bigg Boss house. But, this is going out of hand,” added Joe.

Stating that her manager, sensing the risk, had apprised him on their conversation, Joe added that he had filed a police complaint against the actress.

In his video statement, Venkat said, “Meera had asked for my help stating that since she was a woman, people were threatening her. 

I and my friends arranged lawyers to fight her cases, gave her complaints everywhere, arranged cars for her shoots and even her food etc. We formed a team and worked for her. 

She had also said that we will work as a company and that she will pay us. But, till today, she hasn’t paid us anything. I have kept a police complaint ready and I will give interviews to media.”

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