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Stop terror to start talks: India tells Pakistan

Syed Akbaruddin, India’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, has said end of special status to Jammu and Kashmir an internal matter.

He also urged Pakistan to stop terror to start talks. Accusing Pakistan and China of attempting to impart greater significance to the meeting than was warranted, he said, “After the end of the Security Council’s closed consultations, we noted that two states who made national statements tried to pass them off as the will of the international community.”

He added: “The Security Council is a very deliberative… institution. It works in a very considered manner. Its outcomes are provided to all of us through the [UNSC] President. So if national statements try to masquerade as the will of the international community, I thought I will come across to you too and explain our national position.”

Syed Akbaruddin added that Article 370 is an entirely internal matter of India with no external ramifications. He took a dig at the Permanent Representatives – Zhang Jun of China and Maleeha Lodhi of Pakistan – who refused to answer questions from reporters after reading their statement.

“We note that there were some who tried to project an alarmist approach to the situation which is far from the ground realities. Of particular concern is that one state is using the terminology of ‘jihad’ against and promoting violence in India including by their leaders. Violence is no solution to problems in India,” he said.


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