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Kurukshetram – Review by Naveen

All is fair in war…


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Mahabharatham is the masterpiece of Indian epics and it is a rich source of stories. So, how about a film on Mahabharatham itself? This should perhaps be the idea behind ‘Kurukshetram’, directed by Naganna and bankrolled by Munirathna.

Proving false the popular perception that films on grand scale cannot be made in Kannada, the producer and the director duo have made sure that ‘Kurukshetram’ turns out to be grand in all possible aspects.

The story has been narrated from the point of Duriyodhana (Darshan). The film deals with the rise and fall of Duriyodhana and how he ends up being manipulated by his uncle Sakuni (Ravi Shankar).

Kurukshetram also showcases Karna’s (Arjun) loyalty and how other key characters, including Draupadhi (Sneha) create an effect on the proceedings.

The film has a huge star cast and every one of it has done an impressive job in their respective roles. Though, at times, the film feels alien for Tamil audience, Arjun and Sneha come to the rescue.

With Jayanan Vincent’s cinematography, V Harikrishna’s music and Joni Harsha’s editing being major strengths to the movie, ‘Kurukshetram’ is a winning war. But, we could not avoid the thought that more importance could have been given to the narration than visual effects.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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