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‘Comali’ evoked expectations and controversies equally before its release. The film, directed by Pradeep Ranganathan with Jayam Ravi in the lead, has finally hit the screens and let’s check out how the movie is. The basic knot is very interesting and it has got all potential to be made into a laugh riot. However, the mission has only been half achieved as melodramatic scenes dominate the latter half. But, we must admit that the first half is a laugh riot. Ravi (Jayam Ravi), who was born in 1980s, studies plus two in the late 90s. It is love at first sight for him when he meets Nikitha (Samyuktha Hegde), his classmate. He gifts Nikitha an idol which he considers very close to his heart. Following this, an incident happens which puts Ravi in coma for not just one or two, but 16 years. As he wakes up from coma, he is shocked to see how things have changed in the past decade-and-a-half. The man in his mid-30s undergoes difficulty to comes to terms with the latest trends. Meanwhile, he comes across a young woman (Kajal Aggarwal), through whom he gets to know that the idol he had gifted to Nikitha was very expensive and it is currently under the custody of a wicked politician (K S Ravikumar). The rest is all about how Ravi tries to get the idol back from the hands of the politico. Ravi has given his best and has taken to appear in multilpe looks. Yogi Babu aptly accompanies him and adds immense value. While Kajal and Samyuktha are regular heroines, K S Ravikumar fits the bill well. The movie is good technically and there are many scenes in the first half that bring the roof down. Had only the director focussed more on the post-interval session, ‘Comali’ would have emerged the king of clowns.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

By Naveen



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