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Thorati – Review by Naveen

Good shepherd


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Set in 1980s in Ramanathapuram district, ‘Thorati’ is a raw and rustic tale that touches the heart without taking any deviations. Director P Marimuthu and other members of the team deserve kudos.

Reminding one of ‘Pariyerum Perumal’, ‘Merku Thodarchi Malai’ and ‘Dharmadurai’ at places, ‘Thorati’ speaks about the lives of ordinary people in a language that can be understood by all.

Hit by drought in their native place, Mayan (Shaman Mithru), a shepherd, along with his father, mother and goats, relocates to a village in Ramanathapuram district in search of livelihood.

There, Mayan’s relative helps them start a new life. Soon, Mayan falls for his uncle’s daughter Semponnu (Sathya Kala) and enters wedlock with her.

Mayan becomes friends with three thieves (played by Sundarrajan, Chellam Jeyaseelan and Muthuraman), who are ready to go to any extent to win their sole objective, as mentioned in the tagline of the movie- vendha soru, sutta kari and patta saarayam.

Mayan’s friendship with them affects his life and they also betray him. The rest of the film revolves around how Mayan decides to avenge his friends for cheating him.

Shaman Mithru, who is the movie’s producer as well, has tried his best. Sathya Kala gives raise to our eyebrows with her terrific performance. Rest of the members of the cast have delivered convincing act.

With cool cinematography, original scenes and simple narration, ‘Thorati’, despite starting off on a slow and somber note, presents a satisfying feel in the end.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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