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Kolanji – Review by Naveen

Samuthirakani’s syllabus


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If there is Samuthirakani in a film, you can be sure of what you can expect of it. ‘Kolanji’ is no exception, for the actor-filmmaker teaches, or preaches, the audience about how to bring up children, how to treat others and even how to worship Gods.

In his mission to convey ‘messages’ to the society, Samauthiakani is losing the actor and director in him. That too, in ‘Kolanji’, his dialogues targeting a particular religion would hurt the sentiments of many besides raising the question- ‘Will he be ready to question other faiths too?’

Kolanji (Kirubakaran) is a playful youngster who often gets chided by his father Appasamy (Samuthirakani). An atheist, Appasamy preaches his prinicples not just to Kolanji, but on other villagers too.

With Kolanji’s behaviour frequently earning him the wrath of his father, he develops hatred towards Appasamy. In the meantime, he helps his uncle Gemini (Rajaji), who is in love with his cousin sister Poongodi (Naina Sarwar).

All of a sudden, an unexpected incident happens involving the younger brother of Kolanji and life takes a turn. Kolanji also lands in trouble with a fellow villager’s son.

These incidents slowly make him realise how much love his father has on him. What he does after a change of mind forms the rest of the story.

Kirubakaran and Nasath perform well, while the romantic episodes between Rajaji and Naina don’t fit into the scheme of things. But there are some humour scenes which work out well. Sangavi is back after a long break.

Moodar Koodam director Naveen has produced ‘Kolanji’, which has been directed by Dhanaram Saravanan. The intentions of the producer and the director may be good, but how they have been conveyed in cinematic language leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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