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Kadaram Kondan – Review by Naveen

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Kadaram Kondan

– Review

In ‘Kadaram Kondan’, Vikram, a self-proclaimed fan of Kamal Haasan, acts in a character that was originally written for the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’. And, what more? The movie itself is produced by Rajkamal Films.

Apparently enthused by all these and given the fact that he is a powerhouse performer, Vikram elevates the experience of watching ‘Kadaram Kondan’ to international standards.

KK (Vikram) meets with an accident, but he is saved by a junior doctor called Vasu (Abi Hasan). As KK recuperates in hospital, a gang kidnaps Vasu’s pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Haasan).

To return Aathira safely, the gang demands Vasu to move KK to a safe place. As KK is being hunted by both the police and gangsters, Vasu realises that his life and that of his wife too are in danger.

To save themselves, he now has to team up with KK. Who is KK actually? Is he a hardcore criminal? Is he a police officer? Or is he a double agent? Why everyone is hunting for him and can the young couple save themselves with the help of KK? Answers lie in Kadaram Kondan.

Besides Vikram, the other two lead actors, Abi Hasan and Akshara Haasan too deliver goods. Cinematography is compelling, while the background score of Ghibran is wall-to-wall. Editing makes the film script at 120 minutes.

Though there are so many plus points, writing is weak and there are logical loopholes too. However, in this remake of French flick ‘Point Blank’, director Rajesh M Selva of ‘Thoongavanam’ fame establishes himself as a more confident filmmaker.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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