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Amala Paul confirms she is in relationship

Amala Paul has wished happy married life to her former husband and filmmaker Vijay, who entered wedlock with Dr R Aishwarya last week, besides revealing that she is in a relationship.

In an interview, she said, “The person I have become and the way I look at my work also I owe it to him. I have always been a rebel without a cause. True love healed me.

Only a mother can give unconditional love with sacrifice. This person has also proved that he can sacrificing his career and quiting his job to be with me and support me because he knows my passion.”

On Vijay’s second marriage, she said, “Vijay is a very sweet man. A fantastic human. I wholeheartedly wish him a happy married life and wish the couple lots of babies.”

Talking about her man’s reaction to ‘Aadai’, in which she has acted nude, she said, “After I read the script of the film I shared it first with him. He listened to the story and I was waiting for his reaction and what he would say. He then said that I had to really work on myself. And also that if I am doing this film, I have to give your hundered percent both physically and mentally and then not think about it.”


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