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No logic, the idea is far-fetched, there are unwanted scenes on present-day politics, emotional scenes put the momentum on hold in a comedy movie. Despite all these and more, ‘Gorilla’ impresses us, simply because of its comedy quotient.

Director Don Sandy has presented a funny fare for those who are ready to forgive and forget logical loopholes and other things a brilliant viewer expects out of a movie.

Jeeva (Jiiva) is a petty criminal who cheats people in the guise of a doctor. Sathish (Sathish) is an engineer who is the only breadwinner of his family. Venkat (Vivek Prasanna) is an aspiring actor. And there is Sadhik (Aruvi Madhan), a farmer.

All the four are in some problem or the other. While Jeeva is under pressure from his lover Jhansi (Shalini Pandey) to get married, Sathish loses his job. Venkat believes that he can make it big in cinema if he has money.

Sadhik is turned down by banks when he seeks loan and is on the verge of committing suicide. The four feel that money can change their lives and decide to rob a bank to achieve their mission.

And, a pet Chimpanzee also joins the gang as they consider him as their trump card to rob the bank. Are the four, with the help of the chimp, able to steal money from the bank?

Jiiva is terrific and comes up with his best performance in each and every scene that he appears. Shalini Pandey does a neat job, though her scope is limited.

Sathish and Yogi Babu tickle the funny bone well, while Vivek Prasanna and Madhan are apt choices to their respective roles. Camera work by R B Gurudev and musical score by Sam C S are okay.

Emotional and political scenes could have been avoided. Also, the team could have worked on cutting down the length of the movie. But still, ‘Gorilla’ is enjoyable in parts.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

 By Naveen


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