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Director Sam Anton seems to be a one-man film factory. Just weeks after the release of ‘100’ with Atharva, he has now come up with ‘Gurkha’, which has Yogi Babu in the lead.

The film, no prizes for guessing, is a comedy entertainer that revolves around a security guard. While the basic idea is interesting, Sam Anton has given it a hilarious treatment, but with predictable scenes.

Bahadhur Singh (Yogi Babu), a security guard who hails from the Gurkha community, works in a shopping mall. A man of quick wits and good heart, he is there to help people in need.

At a time when everything appears to go well, terrorists strike and keep under seige several people. To free them, they start demanding huge ransom.

Bahadhur Singh sets out to rescue the innocent people whose lives are under danger. Is he possible to do it, and if so, how he emerges their saviour forms the rest of Gurkha.

It’s a fun ride with Yogi Babu’s one-liners and performance and he has graduated as hero. Charlie provides him right company, while Anandaraj, Pradeep Rawat and Manobala tickle the funny bone well.

If you are ready for a comedy roller coaster ride without minding logical loopholes and cliched scenes, you can head to a theatre screening ‘Gurkha’ to enjoy your weekend.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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