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Ever since she made a comeback with ’36 Vayadhinile’ some years ago, Jyothika is on a mission- to deliver meaningful movies that carry message to the society. Joining the list is ‘Raatchasi’ directed by Gauthamraj SY.

While ’36 Vayadhinile’ spoke about women empowerment, ‘Magalir Mattum’ about happiness of married women, ‘Naachiyar’ about crimes against women and ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’ about balancing career and family, ‘Raatchasi’ goes a step ahead.

Geetha Rani (Jyothika) gets appointed as the headmistress of an indisciplined school in a village in Tamil Nadu. She is strict, straight forward and has many progressive plans for the development of the institution.

This earns her the sobriquet ‘Raatchasi’ and she is feared by other staff members and students. Ramalingam (Hareesh Peradi), who runs a private school in the locality and the local MLA get irked by the sudden ways of Geetha.

Even as her opponents hatch plans to bring Geetha down, she goes ahead with reforming the school and improving the students in all possible ways. She also earns the admiration of students and parents. Who emerges winner at the end?

We forget Jyothika and only see Geetha Rani on screen. Such a strong performance by this acting ‘Raatchasi’. Poornima Bhagyaraj makes a comeback, while Hareesh Peradi’s performance adds credibility.

The film has been loaded with mass moments and it’s like Jyothika playing a mass hero role. With the only letdown being the preachiness that prevails all over, ‘Raatchasi’ is a gem that should be watched by parents and children. In other words, she is not ‘Raatchasi’, but ‘Ratchagi’.

Rating: 4 out of 5

By Naveen


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