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Dharma Prabhu – Review by Naveen

Oh God!

                                       Dharma Prabhu

– Review

Director S Muthukumaran’s ‘Dharma Prabhu’ is a comic tale of how it would be if Yama Dharma Raja, the God of death, comes to ‘boologam’, that too Chennai.

In the company of Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak, Muthukumaran has attempted to present a fun-filled ride, which works in parts.

Yamalogam gets a new Yama Dharma Raja (Yogi Babu). From the skies, He goes to Chennai along with His assistant Chiraguptan (Ramesh Thilak).

In the capital of Tamil Nadu, Yama, by mistake, saves the life of a politican with criminal records when He actually tries to prevent the death of a small girl.

This earns Yama the wrath of Lord Shiva, who orders Him to undo His errors in a few days’ time. Is Yama able to do it?

The combo of Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak has worked well and they try to trigger laughter. Radha Ravi, Azhagam Perumal, Bose Venkat, Janani Iyer and Rekha are there, but none of them has meaty role to play.

We can’t avoid the feeling throughout the movie that the screenplay and computer graphics could have been better. Despite having a good knot and a strong cast, these two things prevent us from fully enjoying the film.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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