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Shanthanu slams Vishal, Prasanna supports him

With the much talked about Nadigar Sangam elections coming to an end, actor Shanthanu Bhagyaraj has come down heavily on Pandavar Ani led by Vishal and Nasser.

“Actually the public DONT give a damn about what’s happening here cuz there are BIGGER problems to worry about in the society ! WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT ! Influencers, I know u are doing ur job,but pls save it for something more productive. I really wish the media stops giving so much importance to this and takes up other issues which will favour the public !” Shanthanu wrote.

The ‘Sakkarakatti’ actor said further, “Don understand d point of makin influencers post tweets here askin everyone to vote 4someone! #NadigarSangamElections D only truth d public need to know is d amount of nonsense that’s happening in d name of elections!All of us have a bonding beyond dis,bt it’s only getting dirty. Kanda poochi ellam “Bhagyaraj yaaru? nadigara ?”nnu kaetaram! LOL 😂 @VishalKOfficial @Karthi_Offl #Nassersir , if u really want to let set properties below u do d talking,relationships are gona go bad! I reckon you to come forward to ask questions if u really wan to knw!”

Coming to Shanthanu’s support, Prasanna wrote: “Am totally with u Sonu. This is something to be done quietly. Dont know why talking to media? Going for debates & crassly abusing each other..after all general public need not know about this. They have million other worthy things to worry about. This is really unfortunate.”

It is to be noted that Shanthanu’s father Bhagyaraj contested for president post from Swami Sankaradas Ani.


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