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Men In Black International – Review by Naveen

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                        Men In Black International

– Review

MIB: International is based on Molly (Tessa Thompson), whose dream is to join the agency, Men In Black, to understand the truth of the galaxy.

Once enlisted, she becomes Agent M (Chris Hemsworth) and is paired up with as they go on an ‘International’ journey to fight the bad aliens.

It’s time once again for Men In Black, making another intense reappearance, now with Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth on animatronic form in their dark suits.

This MIB tackles the idea of aliens as migrants who are not necessarily to be reviled, although this notion goes nowhere and the film can find no way to handle it as anything other than a tricky complicating factor.

The fun is slow to kick in here, as ‘Iron Man’ screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum follow Molly, rechristened “M” during a training sequence that feels more like a makeover montage for the property’s various fashion partners

For some fans, it will be enough just to revisit a beloved fantasy world of smart-mouthed E.T.s, neuralizers and other gadgets for another two hours.

For others, the thought may occur to them that, 22 years after the first film, Men In Black have been getting things done the same way for so long – obeying rules that have always worked, without question – that they could stand to break a few of them.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen

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