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Kolaigaran – Review by Naveen

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If you are a lover of crime thrillers and whodunit murder mysteries, here is a treat for you. For, ‘Kolaigaran’, directed by Andrew Louis, is a gripping tale that would keep you glued to your seats for 110 minutes.

The plot is legally borrowed from Japanese crime novel ‘The Devotion Of Suspect X’, but the director has made a lot of nativity changes to the main idea to make ‘Kolaigaran ‘ suit the taste of Tamil audience.

A man is found dead. The police department is informed. Arrives officer Karthikeyan (Arjun) to the spot to investigate the case. He soon finds that the victim is Vamsi, relative of a minister in Andhra Pradesh.

As Karthikeyan starts probe, he realises that Vamsi was stalking Dharani (Ashima Narwal) and her mother (Seetha). He believes that the women were behind the murder of Vamsi.

However, Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony), a neighbour of Dharani, approaches the police and claims it is he who has murdered Vamsi. And, Karthikeyan finds it hard, very hard, to disprove the claims of Prabhakaran.

Who executed the murder actually? Why did Prabhakaran help Dharani and her mother? Who is he really? What is his connection with Dharani? You can find answers to these intriguing questions during the climax of Kolaigaran.

Vijay Antony is back to his old days of intelligent story selection. The role sits on him pretty well. Arjun has delivered commendable performance which elevates the movie.

Ashima Narwal is a welcome find, while Nassar adds value to the proceedings. Though Simon King’s background score is a major plus, songs haunt the flow of the screenplay. Mukesh’s cinematography is superb.

With the help of a strong cast, talented team and a gripping script, the director has delivered a very good thriller that respects the viewer without taking him/her for a ride in the the name of unwanted twists and turns.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

By Naveen

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