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Amy Jackson shares scan pic of her baby

Amy Jackson, who has been consistently posting pictures and video clips after she became pregnant, has now stunned everyone by posting scan video of her unborn baby.

In the video, Amy Jackson, along with her boyfriend George Panayiotou (with whom she would enter wedlock next year) and her mother are on their way to the hospital for a scan.

She says that they are going to see their baby and even asks her mother if she is excited, who responds saying she is very excited. Further focusing the video on her pet dog, Amy says that the dog is their first baby.

In scan video the heartbeat of the baby can be heard. The Instagram video has gone viral and best wishes are pouring in for the actress.

Stating that her pregnancy was unplanned, Amy states: “We’re at that stage where we’re definitely ready for it. I don’t think you can ever plan something perfectly, but we’re in such a good place. We’re happy together, we have a beautiful home and we’re excited to be a mum and dad.”


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