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Lisaa – Review by Naveen

Danger destination


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Manoj Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’ seems to be the inspiration for director Raju Viswanath to make ‘Lisaa’, a film which has Anjali in the title role.

Though the horror film made on 3D impresses us in parts, the story is not so gripping and a power-house performance like Anjali has not been utilised to her full potential.

Lisaa (Anjali) wants to go to the United States. But she does not want to leave her single mother alone. When Lisaa urges her mother to enter wedlock again, the latter turns down the proposal.

She also reveals that Lisaa’s father lost his life only because he married her without getting the consent of her parents, who are living in the Western Ghats.

Hence, in a bid to get the permission of her grandparents for her mother’s second marriage, Lisaa, along with her friend Jaggu (Sam Jones), goes to the Western Ghats.

Soon after reaching her grandparents’ place, Lisaa and Jaggu find that the elderly ones are not normal persons. Soon, they also realise that the senior citizens are behind the murders of many persons.

When they try to leave the place, horror haunts them. Did they manage to escape from the trap or not?

The initial parts are thrilling, but things start to fizzle out towards the end. P G Muthiah’s cinematography, visual effects and 3D are the saving points of ‘Lisaa’.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

By Naveen


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