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Pranavi makes shocking sexual charges against director

Popular Telugu singer Pranavi Acharya has made shocking sexual allegations against a film director.
When the singer was asked about her take on casting couch, she admitted that she has faced harassment in the past. According to Pranavi, she was told that she would be given chances to sing only if she can return the favour sexually.
Pranavi said she was told by a popular director that she would be given a chance to sing in the movie only if she agrees to sleep with him. Pranavi said she was very young then and told him the same.
When the director was insistent even after she told him a strict ‘no’, she said she would slap him with her slipper. A few years ago, Pranavi got married to dancer and choreographer Raghu Master. They have a girl child together.
The charges made by Pranavi have sent shock waves across Telugu film industry.

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