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Siddharth’s comments on IPL upsets fans of other actors

Known for his outspokenness, Siddharth’s comments on social media after Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings in the IPL final match on Sunday upset fans of Ajith and Suriya.
When the fans of those actors slammed Siddharth for appreciating Mumbai Indians, the ‘Boys’ actor posted: “If you respect Ajith, then learn to respect hard work. Otherwise no point having such a cool role model.”
Replying to another tweet, he said, “Learn to appreciate the game. The winners and the runners up. Idhula Suriya fan vera. Avaru pera yen da mundam kedukkara?”.
Recently, responding to fans who are eager to see him in a Telugu flick, Siddharth tweeted: “Evadu emanna nenu thirugi osthanu le. Please note this promise down…i will at the very least try my best to please my #Telugu audience once again.”

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