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From MGR to Sivaji to Rajinikanth to Kamal Haasan to Vishnu Vishal to Arulnithi, almost every actor has played police officer in one or more films. So, can Atharvaa Murali be an exception?
The young actor has donned khaki for the first time in ‘100’, a film helmed by Sam Anton with Hansika, Yogi Babu and Radha Ravi playing lead roles. Let’s check out how the film is.
‘100’ revolves around crimes against women happening in the city and how a honest cop Sathya played by Atharvaa gets entangled in an unresolved case.
The dream of Sathya is to become a stern police officer and he is waiting to get the appointment order from the department. But, when he receives it, he is disappointed to learn that he is posted in the control room.
However, he soon finds it as a good opportunity and resolves to help people in distress. He interacts with the callers and solves their problems one after one.
This leads him to take up the mysterious case of a kidnapped girl and he finds that a gang headed by a notorious man is operating in the city. How he puts an end to their atrocities is the rest of the story.
Atharvaa fits well to the role of a police officer and has given his best. He is right there delivering the right emotions. Hansika appears in a brief role while Yogi Babu evokes laughter with his witty dialogues. Radha Ravi and others are okay.
The film’s cinematography is one of the highlights, while music is loud. Editing could have been more tight. Same applies to the screenplay too, which appears loose at places.
Sam Anton has touched many current and relevant topics in ‘100’. Had only he the presentation was more convincing, the film would have emerged one of the gripping police tales of the recent past.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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