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Like Bharathiraja and Kasthuriraja, Muthiah is one director who focuses on rural tales. After ‘Kuttipuli’, ‘Komban’, ‘Marudhu’ and ‘Kodiveeran’, he has now dished out ‘Devarattam’.
This film too, quite like his earlier movies, revolves around a particular caste, but treads the path in a careful manner. Though it is cliched and predictable, the flick is gripping as well.
Vetri (Gautham Karthik) is brought up his sister Pechi (Vinodhini) and uncle Puliyuraan (Bose Venkat). A young lawyer, he lives in a joint family deep rooted in traditions and customs.
Despite being an advocate, Vetri often takes law into his hand and takes on those who harass young girls. Once, when he comes to know that son of a local goon Kodumpaavi Ganesan (FEFSI Vijayana) tries to shield a rich boy who spoiled a girl’s life, he bumps off both in a fit of rage.
Ganesan, who is the deadliest of all dons in Madurai, wants to take revenge for the death of his only son. Now it is a cat and mouse game between Vetri and Ganesan.
In the meantime, Vetri also has a love episode in the form of Madhu (Manjima Mohan), an advocate who practises in the same locality.
Gautham Karthik springs a surprise by beautifully transforming himself as a Madurai man. Manjima Mohan delivers goods in whatever space is provided to her. FEFSI Vijayan oozes with venom, while Bose Venkat and Vinodhini perform well.
Nivas Prasanna’s songs and background score are good, while Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is colourful and attractive. Praveen K L’s editing has made the movie sharp at places.
Despite being a regular rural tale, ‘Devarattam’ has some good moments and it will be enjoyed by those who are game for such stories.

By Naveen

Rating: 3 out of 5


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