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It’s been a great year for Music Director Leander Lee Marty who debuted in DhaDha 87 which was released on March 1st 2019. The movie has been the talk of the town since it’s teaser got released. Particularly, the BGM Leander made for Mr Charuhassan was widely appreciated by people, resulting in new movie opportunities.

In January 2019, Leander collaborated with IndianRaga Singapore for the audition of his next movie. Hundreds of applications were registered and the live audition was held in Singapore with Leander and his team. Deepak S. Iyer, the head of IndianRaga Singapore, gave his full support by organizing online auditions and promotions. Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society-SIFAS joined us in support by placing our posters in their campus. Nisha Shankar who has been our Singapore ambassador took care of the shortlisting, communication and hospitality. NikkilMurugan, PRO-Indian Film Industry who has been Leander’s well-wisher since his debut supported with press relations. Our team worked very hard towards the success of the audition. Among the hundreds of applications that were registered, 15 participants were shortlisted for the finals. Today, we are extremely happy to announce the winner of ‘Catch Leander Singapore Auditions’. The extremely talented and dedicated singer who nailed this audition with her soulful singing “DarshnaMahadevan”.

“Nothing brings me more joy than finding the perfect voice for my compositions. Darshna is more than a singer. Her passion towards singing and developing Indian music culture to the present and upcoming generation in Singapore amazed me. I am so proud to launch Darshna in my upcoming movie. Wishing her a successful career ahead. Congrats to every shortlisted contestant too. You all are undeniable talents and I wish to work with everyone of you in the near future”.

Leander Lee Marty

Music Director

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