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Mehandi Circus – Review by Naveen

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Mehandi Circus

– Review

The title ‘Mehandi Circus’ evoked curiosity right from the day the movie was announced. Expectations only increased when it was claimed that the film would be a tribute to Ilayaraja.
Finally, the end-product is here and the makers have lived up to the promises. It is an interesting period flick which touches our heart and makes us to smile, laugh and feel for its characters.
The period is early 1990s. Jeeva (Madhampatti Rangaraj) runs an audio cassette shop called Raja Geetham in a village near Kodaikanal.
The shop is thronged by youngsters who want to convey their love through the immortal songs of Ilayaraja. Jeeva helps them with all interest.
One day, love bug bites him as well when he comes across Mehandi (Shweta Tripathi), who is a member of a circus group that comes to the village.
But, Jeeva’s father Raajangam (Marimuthu) is opposed to his affair. Even Mehandi’s father is against the love between his daughter and Jeeva.
With the help of local priest Amaladoss (Vela Ramamoorthy) and close friend (RJ Vigneshkanth), Jeeva and Mehandi elope from the place. But they get caught by Raajangam and his men. Are the lovers able to unite or not?
Madhampatti Rangaraj is a welcome find. We hope he will improve further in his upcoming flicks. Shweta Tripathi has understood well the depth of her character and performed accordingly.
It is refreshing to see Vela Ramamoorthy in such a positive role. Vigneshkanth evokes laughter, while Marimuthu has done a neat job.
Apart from those on screen, there is a strong team behind the camera for ‘Mehandi Circus’. They include Raju Murugan (script along with Saravana Rajendran), Selvakumar (camera) and Sean Roldan (music).
All these people have made ‘Mehandi Circus’ a good watch and the film would sure appeal to Ilayaraja fans, if not for the audience from all age groups.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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