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Rocky – The Revenge Review by Naveen

Man’s best friend


The Revenge

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In the 1970s and the 80s, movies were made on ‘thaai’ (mother) in Tamil cinema. Then from the 2000s, there are films on ‘pei’ (ghost). Now, this seems to be the season of ‘naai’ (dog) centric movies as ‘Rocky: The Revenge’ is here following a string of such flicks in the recent past.
The film is directed by  K C Bokadia, a veteran director in Bollywood who had made animal-oriented movies in the past. Starring Srikanth, Nasser and Sayaji Shine among others in key roles, it talks about a dog’s revenge for its master.
Two animals smugglers steal away two German shepherds from a rich house. When they are taking them on a vehicle, its doors opens due to a bump on the road.
As one of the pups falls down, it is rescued by Assistant Commissioner of Police Santhosh (Srikanth). He names it  Rocky and trains the dog so that it can join the police department.
All goes well till Santhosh crosses the path of MLA Thenappan (Sayaji Shinde) and his aide Pandi (OAK Sundar). They murder Santhosh.
But Rocky is not ready to forget things and vows to take revenge on Thenappan and Pandi. How it succeeds in its mission forms the rest of Rocky: The Revenge.
Srikanth has performed well, while Sayaji Shinde is regular baddie. Nasser stuns during stunt sequences, while there is nothing much to write about Brahmanandam and Eshanya Maheshwari who appears as Srikanth’s wife.
The story sounds old and the making too is archaic. But, still, we were able to hold our attention towards the movie thanks to ‘Rocky’, the real hero.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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