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Kudimagan – Review by Naveen

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At a time when films that glorify drinking are regularly made in Kollywood, director Satheeshwaran has deviated from the path and has taken up the noble cause of spreading awareness against the evil habit.
Moving away from those flicks in which heroes (heroines too, lately) are seen as brand ambassadors of TASMAC, ‘Kudimagan’ is a flick that advocates against the consumption of liquor, in the form of a good story.
Jayakumar lives in a beautiful village where farming is the primary profession of people. His family comprises of wife (played by Jennifer) and son (Akash). Jayakumar is a loving husband and caring father.
When things go well, the area’s Councillor opens up a liquor bar. People stage protest and seek the intervention of village chief Bava Chelladurai.
Though Kiran promises to close down the liquor shop, he continues with the business. Following this, many in the village, including Jayakumar, get addicted to liquor.
As a result, his family faces so many troubles. What happens at the end forms the crux of Kudimagan.
Jayakumar is adequate for his role, but he should improve his performance. Jennifer is tailor-made and gives right expressions. Akash, Bava Chelladurai, Bawa Lakshmanan and Veera Samar have added value.
Music by Prashanth passes the muster, while cinematography by Arul Selvan is beautiful. Though ‘Kudimagan’ is preachy and sounds like an awareness movie, it carries a much-needed message.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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