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The mission of (debutant) director Krishna Pandi seems to be delivering a neat love story without any sleazy scenes, double entendre dialogues and vulgar jokes.
And, he has achieved his target in ‘Embiran’, a film that talks about pure l

ove- something which we had watched during the days of ‘Poove Unakaga’, ‘Kadhal Kottai’ and ‘Kadhaluku Mariyadhai’.

Jaya (Radhika Preethi) is the granddaughter of a temple priest (Mouli). She is in deeply love with Priyan (Rejith Menon), a doctor. 

But she is yet to confess her love for him and lives in a dream world. One day, with the help of her grandfather, she decides to meet Priyan.
When Jaya and her grandfather are on their way to meet Priyan, a mishap happens. While Jaya’s health condition becomes serious, her grandfather dies in the accident.

But his spirit is not ready to die and resolves to help Jaya unite with her lover. Is the mission a success or not forms the crux of Embiran.
Radhika Preethi is the soul of the movie, as she looks super beautiful and speaks with her expressive eyes. Rejith Menon is good, but he should improve his accent. Mouli, the veteran of cinema and drama, adds value to the movie.

Songs by Prasanna are okay except ‘Nee Thondrum Oru Nodiyil’. Pugazhenthi’s cinematography tries to differentiate dreams and reality, while Manoj’s editing adds clarity.

The film could have been much better had the director avoided some unwanted scenes. But still, it can be watched with whole family for its neatness and honesty.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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